Time Table For Maritime Sports Activity(2011)

Sr No Activity
Riyadh Reigon
1 Fin Swimming Championship
2 Diving and Resucue Championship

Eastern Region
3 Sailing Championship
4 Jet Skiing Championship
5 Angling Championship
6 Diving & underwater photography Championship
7 Speed Boating

Makkah Al-Mukarama Region
8 Jet Skiing Championship
9 Sailing ChampionShip
10 Angling ChampionShip
11 Diving Underwater Photography Championship
12 Speed Boating ChampionShip

Al Madinah Al-Minnawarh Region
13 Angling ChampionShip
14 Beach Cleaning Competition
15 Sailing Hawari(Hawari) Champion Ship
16 Rowing ChampionShip

Tabuk Region
17 Speed Boaring Championship
18 Angling Championship
19 Diving and underwater photography championship
20 Jet Skiing Championship

Jazan Region
21 Festival of Parrot Fish
22 Festival of Maritime Competitions

Assir Region
23 Speed Boating Championship

Kingdom Competitions and Championships
24 Maritime Elite ChampionShip
25 Kingdom Sailing Championship