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March of faithfulness and love during the events of Jeddah Maritime races



With continuous follow-up of the President of the Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation SAMSF Rear Admiral Awwad Al Balawi with the presence of SAMSF member and head of Makkah Al_Mukarramah Region for Maritime Sports, Dr. Hassan Bin Ahmed Al-Anbar and Mr. Osama Qurban and Abdullah Suhaibani the final meeting was held for Maritime clubs participating in Jeddah racing for the Maritime Sports, which will be organized at the Bride of the Red Sea "Jeddah" at Sharm Obhor, north of Alsherah Square through the end of this week.

The meeting covered discussion of many points represented delivery of approval for race Joining to the organizing committee in addition to nomination of the participating clubs, which included (King Abdul Aziz University Club, Distinguished Sea Club, Marina Club, Makkah Diver Club, Jeddah club, Al_tasamoh club, Saudi club and Al-Amwaj Club). The racing events have been approved. The events are Diving, Photography, Angling, Sailing, Jet skiing and Rowing. During the meeting the layout of the event site, a full explanation for the location of each committee and a large parking area to attract the sea lovers and the beach users have been presented.

It is worth mentioning that a major event will be presented at the last day of these races under approval of both the HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Governor of Makkah Province, and President General of Youth Welfare , which is a faithfulness march (a maritime march of love and faithfulness.. on occasion of recovery of the king of humanity) as participation of the goodwill and sincere gratitude from Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation and some sectors and companies to our beloved father King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (may God protect him).


Sailing Competition :

Some of the pictures on the Sailing competition of the Sea Club Featured in Jeddah on Thursday, May 20th, 2010.




The Arab competition of fishing:


The Arab competition of fishing is to be under the patronage of his Royal Highness, prince Abdul Aziz Bin Majed, the prince of Almadinah Al Munawarah region that is organized by Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation from 2/2/1431 to 6/2/1431 cor. 17/1/2010 to 21/1/2010.

Teams from The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman will take part. The opening ceremony is to be held on Sunday evening 2 Safar 1431 cor. 17 January 2010 at Marsa Al Azizia – Yanbu   Albahr near to the fish market.


Fishing Competition :

Fishing competition for Arab countries in Hurghada – Egypt from 25 Oct. 2009, Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation will take part and cover all expenditure. It will be exclusive for age under 16 and a group under 21.  For participation fill the form, and contact us through our website.


The Festival of fishing parrotfish – Farasan:


Jazan region witnessed the activities of the Festival of fishing   parrotfish at island of Farasan on Thursday 20 Rabie` Awal 1430. It has been considered extensive sport and tourism activities attended by his Royal Highness, prince Muhammad Bin Nasser Bin Abdul Aziz, Prince of Jazan region and other VIPs as well as the chief of Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation, Rear Admiral Awad Bin Eid Al- Balawi with Mr. Nasser Al- Nasser as general treasurer, Dr. Hassan Anbar and Mr. Usamah Qurban. All of them shook hands with his Royal Highness who thanked the federation for this effort.



Participation Form:

The Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation has popularized the form around the committees of the regions and the offices of The general presidency of youth welfare at maritime sectors.
*  It will be available at the website soon.


The first Open Kingdom Competition for Sailing  :

Al-Madinah newspaper:

The first Open Kingdom Competition for Sailing is to be under the patronage of his Royal Highness, prince Mohammed Bin Fahd, the prince of the eastern region. It will be held at Half-moon beach from 4 to 9 July under the supervision of The Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation. A selected group of those who are interested in this sport from Saudi Arabia and GCC as well as sport lovers will take part.
A delegation from the International Federation is expected to visit the Eastern region during April to inspect competitions sites and determine requirements that guarantee success to   the competition in technical scope. The organizing committee summoned a number of the international umpires for the championship. There will be also many of the activities pertaining to maritime sports as various maritime races, maritime folks and recreational activities for families to keep the public familiar and interest in the event.